Five features we want from Apple’s iWatch

Apple-Watch Just when you thought Apple was done with creating innovative new products, along come rumours of an iWatch. Numerous news outlets have reported the Cupertino-based company is experimenting with curved glass to create a wristwatch.
Over 100 of CEO Tim Cook’s finest employees are said to be working on the device, so we decided to give you the lowdown on what a smartwatch is and why you might want to buy one.

What’s a smartwatch?

The Pebble works with Apple’s iPhone and Android handsets
A smartwatch is a watch with added functionality beyond timekeeping. Just like the iPhone is a mobile that can do so much more than making and receiving phone calls.
The most high profile smartwatch so far has been the Pebble. Funded by pledges made through the Kickstarter website, the project raised $10,266,844 from 68,928 people. All for the ability to screen calls, read text messages and email previews without removing your iPhone or Android phone from your pocket.
These kind of features are reportedly being included in an Apple-made smartwatch.

Our iWatch wishlist: GPS, Siri-compatibility and more

After word reached us that Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn is already testing out what technology might work with the iWatch, we let our imaginations run wild. Here are our five essentials features we want to see from the device…
1) Voice control (aka Siri)
Also known as the Quantum Leap feature. Walkie-talkie watches have been science fiction movie fixtures since the 80s, but Apple has the voice-command software to make our childhood dreams a reality. Video calls might be a little bit too much to ask for, though.
2) GPS and directions on the go
The iWatch has the potential to go one step beyond the Nike+ FuelBand and Garmin’s Forerunner watches with proper GPS functionality for fitness fanatics. We’re thinking of real-time personal best updates and weather forecasting while you’re out running. It would also be nice to not have to get your phone when trying to find your way around.
3) Heart rate monitor
One for Olympian Apple fans. A heart rate monitor enhances advanced training techniques, so you can plan for easy recovery runs, weight management and aerobic training with expert precision. Fitness technology is the ‘next big thing’ in the tech world, so building it into a smartwatch makes a lot of sense
4) Wireless payments (aka NFC)
You may recognise the idea of contactless payment from Barclaycard’s recent PayTag. This allows users to purchase goods by holding their smartphone close to a compatible reader. Incorporating this idea into the iWatch would make the process so much easier.
5) Downloadable apps
What good is an Apple-made gadget without apps? Apple’s iPhone became a completely different animal when third-party apps were allowed, creating a world of different opportunities. If Apple makes an iWatch, it has to have the same ability.

Would you buy an iWatch?

So that’s what we want from an iWatch but is there even a market for such a device? We asked Which? Tech’s Twitter followers whether they would buy Apple’s rumoured smartwatch. Here are our favourite replies…