The LED Desk Lamp of the Future Has Arrived


Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp

LED Lamp of the Future!


Lamp Base

The lamp's base is heavy and sturdy, and the capacitive controls respond to even the slightest touch.

Even Illumination

The resulting light looks soft and evenly distributed.


Here you can control the type of light, its brightness, power and 60-minute timer.

USB Port

There's a handy USB port in the back, but it's not quite powerful enough to charge an iPhone or iPad at full speed.


iPhone Attached

Here I'm charging my iPhone, but it'll take longer than if I use the phone's included charger.



Its two joints let you fold it like this, and you can also swivel the lamp 130°. Notice the slot in the lamp's support arm, letting light shine thorough when it's folded in this configuration.

27 LEDs On Board

The four different modes use combinations of white and yellow LEDs to achieve their desired effect.

LEDs at Work

Here's how the LEDs achieve those different color temperatures, using combinations of yellow and white LEDs in various degrees of brightness.

Desk Lamp Dimensions