How to Clean Up Your Digital Music Collection

Music is such an important part of most people's lives, and the advent of the Internet and iTunes has really changed the way we interact with our music. Whether we’re in the car, at the gym, or relaxing after a hard day of work, music can work magic.
Today, it’s not uncommon to have thousands of songs on your music playlist.  In fact, many people have so much music that it’s literally out of control!
Today’s digital players offer a wealth of ways to store and organize music, but if you’re not careful, it can quickly become a nightmare. Ask yourself: How many duplicate songs do you have in your collection?  How many songs are listed as "track unknown” or are missing cover art that lets you identify them quickly?
If this describes you, then you may be interested in a great new plug-in service called TuneUp that’s coming to the rescue of millions of music lovers. In fact, TuneUp is now the #1 plug-in for iTunes, though it’s also compatible with Windows Media Player.
TuneUp was created in 2007 by a music lover who was fed up with his own disorderly music library. Once he created a few plug-in tools to organize and enhance his playlist, he wanted to share it with all music lovers, so everyone could enjoy their music experience to the fullest.
The app is incredibly easy to use, with one-click access to simple tools that get the job done.
How it Works
The first step is to CLEAN up your tracks that contain unknown artists, misspellings, and other irregularities with your album. CLEAN uses acoustic fingerprint technology to quickly fix inaccurate data by matching its fingerprint to Gracenote’s MusicID™ database. This database contains over 90 million indexed tracks, and is the largest collection of music metadata in the world.
Next, TuneUp’s DeDuper tool will locate all the duplicates in your music collection. It will display them in bulk for easy removal with a single click of the mouse, or you can review them individually by the original file location.
Finally, don’t settle for missing album covers replaced by ugly gray music notes. TuneUp’s Cover Art scans and identifies all your albums with missing or incorrect cover art. You’ll be offered multiple cover arts to choose from, in case you prefer an import cover or a domestic release. In no time, you’ll have brand new cover art to enjoy and identify your songs by.
How many times have you kicked yourself when you found out that one of your favorite bands was in town and you missed the show?  Perhaps the best feature of TuneUp is its concert feature. It can make sure you’ll always be the first to know when your favorite band is coming to play in near you. It combs through your entire music collection, and if it sees you own a song by an artist performing at an upcoming concert, it will provide you with full details and even offer you a chance to purchase tickets quickly and easily.
And, more than just upcoming concert info, TuneUp also brings you music-related content from all over the Web about your favorite artists. For every song you download, you’ll be able to view videos, artist bios, news, brand merchandise, and buy concert tickets to upcoming shows.
TuneUp offers a free trial of the TuneUp Bundle; download it now and start cleaning up your messy music collection today.