Cool Websites and Tools [February 13th 2013]

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My imageDesktop Groups Lite – The desktop is where computer users have a lot of files and program shortcuts. Over time, your desktop can become cluttered and it can become very difficult to find the programs and files you are looking for. Windows users have an effective solution in the form of Fences. Desktop Groups Lite is an app that does the same for Mac computers.

My imageWordTalk – Personally, I find proofreading articles is much easier if it’s read back to me. Hearing it helps me spot mistakes that my eyes sometimes do not catch while reading it to myself. There are plenty of add-ons to accomplish this task in a browser, but for desktop programs like Microsoft Word, WordTalk is a fantastic example.
My imageMailbait – How would you like an email inbox full of newsletters and other junk mail that you never want to read? In most cases, this would be rather undesirable. However, if you need to test spam filters or a new mail server, making a temporary email address and filling it with junk mail could be exactly what you need. If you want to do this automatically, MailBait is the perfect solution.
My imageAero Clock – If you are looking for a dynamic clock to brighten your desktop, then you should check Aero Clock. This program lets you add a simple clock with alpha transparency on top of your wallpaper. Aero Clock lets you choose among different themes to match your Windows’ theme.
My imageMoment.me – collects all of the pics, videos and tweets from a single event from everyone who was there and allows you to see a complete panoramic of what happened at that event from multiple points of view. There is no long set-up process. You simply post pics, tweets and videos as you always do, it does the rest for you.