10 Amazing Things You Could Accomplish In 24 Hours

Some people really know how to make the most of a day. Here are some amazing feats accomplished in a 24 hour period.

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1. Run 172 Miles

Run 172 Miles
An Ultramarathon is a form of marathon where participants run as far as they can for a full 24 hours. The winner of the last world championship was American runner Mike Morton, who ran over 172 miles.

2. Play 8 Concerts in 8 Cities

Play 8 Concerts in 8 Cities
This summer, psychedelic rock band The Flaming Lips broke the record previously set by Jay-Z by playing 8 full-fledged concerts in 8 cities, from Tennessee to Louisiana. A lot of confetti must've been used that day!
Image by Rick Diamond / Getty Images

3. Give 801 Tattoos

Give 801 Tattoos
In 2008, Arizona-based tattoo artist Hollis Cantrell gave 801 "AZ" tattoos in a 24 hour period, doubling the previous record held by TV-personality Kat Von D.

4. Do 46,001 Push-Ups

Do 46,001 Push-Ups
It's been nearly a decade since Charles Servizio did 46,001 push ups in 24 hours. He's probably still sore.

5. Make 6,176 Balloon Sculptures

Make 6,176 Balloon Sculptures
A man named Tim Thurmond made 6,176 balloon sculptures for charity in 2004 - no word on how many he popped in the process, however.

6. Moonwalk 30 Miles

Moonwalk 30 Miles
Michael Jackson surely would've been proud of the record Arulanantham Suresh Joachim set.

7. Solve 4,786 Rubik's Cubes

Solve 4,786 Rubik's Cubes
That's about 4,785 more cubes than the average person.

8. Play At Every Casino in Las Vegas

Play At Every Casino in Las Vegas
When father/son pair Jack and Jeremy Freeman set out to see how many casinos they could play at in a 24-hour period, their attempt was cut short after 19 hours, but only because they ran out of casinos to play at. Doh!

9. Bungee Jump 105 Times

Bungee Jump 105 Times
The record was set just last year in South Africa with a jump every 14 minutes, approximately.

10. Slap 14,607 High Fives

Slap 14,607 High Fives
The record number of high fives given by one individual in a 24 hour period is almost twice that of the record number of hugs given: a measly 8,709.